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Brian and Raeka met each other for the first time in the church. They were high school students that time. In 2008, Brian asked Raeka to be in a relationship with him. Everything was sweet and lovely, until in 2011 they had to leave each other to study in different cities.

On March 2019, God reunited them. Through a process of prayer, what once was love of two teenagers now has become a commitment for lifetime. They believe that everything is good in God's time, and as the story goes, now they are heading to the one of the happiest moments of their life.

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Congrats on your wedding Raeka and Brian ♥️

Imelda Elisabeth

Happy wedding kak.. God bless you both :)

Nanda Putra Saragi

Happy Wedding Bryan dan Raeka, we wish you have a longlast marriage in God, and have a child asap. GBU

Pomparan Op Parlim

Selamat menempuh hidup baru Ekaaa, semoga langgeng dan bersahabat selalu dgn partner. From Pomoaran Op.Parlim with love


Congrats for the wedding, Raeka & husband...

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